Ryan Colket (born April 10, 1981)
I am a certified makeup artist specializing in HD and airbrush.  I grew up in a small beach town on the southeast coast of Florida, earned my Bachelor's in studio art at Rollins College and have studied portrait art over the past ten plus years.  Loving to draw and paint wild, surreal portraits with most of my focus on the lips and eyes, I fell into makeup artistry because it was a natural transition from the work I was doing.  With this decided, I moved my life from Austin, TX to Los Angeles, CA, attended the MAC Award Studio under the instruction of Amy Ward, specializing in high definition media makeup.  I continued on to take FX classes at Cinema Secrets and have knowledge of and a growing interest in this genre of makeup as well.  I am reliable, punctual and good at maintaining a positive and professional environment.  Available for:  advertising, catalogue, fashion editorial, television, motion picture, special effects, etc.  Zed cards available upon request. 
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